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Make Every Contact Count Training - MECC

Many long-term diseases in our population are closely linked to known behavioural risk factors. Around 40% of the UK’s disability-adjusted life years lost are attributable to tobacco, hypertension, alcohol, being overweight or being physically inactive.

Making changes such as stopping smoking, improving diet, increasing physical activity, losing weight and reducing alcohol consumption can help people to reduce their risk of poor health significantly. Making Every Contact Count (MECC) is an approach to behaviour change that utilises the millions of day-to-day interactions that organisations and people have with other people to encourage changes in behaviour that have a positive effect on the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and populations.

We’re commissioned by Hounslow Council Public Health to deliver MECC training in Hounslow to GPs and their staff, pharmacy staff, healthcare professionals, employers from all industries and employees, voluntary organisations and many more.

We provide MECC either face-to-face in small groups, over Zoom or Microsoft Teams, or you can complete it at a time convenient to you using our E-Learning platform.

To join one of our upcoming MECC training groups, click one of the links below: 

January – Hounslow MECC Training

February – Hounslow MECC Training

March – Hounslow MECC Training

If you would like to book a training session with one of our trained Practitioners for Making Every Contact Count training (MECC) please call 0204 559 8200 or email: