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Thousands get Winter Vaccinations

Thousands of Hounslow Residents get their Winter Vaccinations

The figures released by Hounslow Council’s Public Health Team mean that eligible people in our borough are taking up the call to action to protect themselves, their families and the wider community by getting their flu vaccination. Since mid-September, residents in eligible groups have been encouraged to use the national NHS booking system to come forward and get their vaccinations.

Eligible groups are also being offered the vaccination through their GP and other local health services. In many cases, those eligible for the flu vaccination will also get the COVID-19 winter booster at the same time. Getting your winter vaccinations can protect you from becoming seriously ill if you catch these viruses and will help slow the spread of them throughout the community.

Both flu and COVID-19 vaccinations are safe, quick and easy to get at a venue close to where you live. With local health services facing significant pressures this winter, it is important that everyone helps to protect the NHS by reducing the avoidable risk of flu and COVID-19 and taking responsibility for their own self-care.

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