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‘From the sessions, he wanted to be more active and this has reduced time on the TV and PC. This is the most important thing for us because we always tried to pushed him to decrease this but we didn’t think he would accept the idea. But then when he started going out and playing in the park everyday, he started making friends in the park and this makes him like to go outside more and because of this he doesn’t have time during the day to play on the PC and iPad. And this was by his own choice.’   

‘The recipes you shared were good. And the sports classes were very useful and this was one reason that encouraged Yazan to go every session because he knows he gets to play and be active. He liked Basketball, dodgeball and hockey. Truly, he liked all the sports’   

‘I am really thankful that I got to meet you, I had a lot of fun going to the lessons. I had fun with all of my sessions and cannot really choose which one was my favourite because they were all great and I had the same, equal fun for all of them. I’ve been enjoying it [swimming and walking] more than before I met you guys…Before I didn’t like going outside and I just wanted to stay online on my computer but then after I met you guys it made me really inspired to go outside and to get new friends and play with them.’ – Yazan