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Dry January

1st - 31st January 2024

Can you do it?

Embark on a 31-day alcohol-free journey with Alcohol Change UK for a comprehensive reset of your body and mind. Experience improved sleep, a mental health uplift, savings, and more during this Dry January.

Dry January entails abstaining from alcohol for the entire month with the support of Alcohol Change UK’s tools and resources. While the evident benefits are substantial, the most rewarding outcomes often lie beneath the surface.

You can learn more about Dry January by visiting this website.

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Dry January - blog post

The new year is often seen as an opportunity to hit the reset button, whether in relation to diet, exercise, smoking, or alcohol consumption. Dry January, the practice of abstaining from alcohol for the first month of the year, has been around for some time. The goal is to experience the benefits that sobriety can have on mental and physical health. However, changing habits or quitting something completely is easier said than done. While motivation helps, it is usually not enough to create lasting change. 

With drinking, it is important to remember that alcohol alters brain chemistry, so stopping for a month may seem straightforward if you only drink occasionally. However, if you drink regularly, it can be challenging. Rather than quitting outright, it may be more effective to reflect on your relationship with alcohol. Consider when, how much, and why you drink. If alcohol occupies a significant portion of your evenings or weekends, take time to plan new activities in its place, like going to the gym or meeting up with friends. Whatever brings joy that does not involve drinking can fill the time you would normally spend with a glass in hand. The path to moderation often begins with self-awareness.

Help is available. Whether you are struggling with alcohol or any other drugs, ARC Hounslow can provide support.

Please have a look at our website for further details on how to refer here.

by Stefani Kaur Nagpal – Besely, Project Manager and Trainer, Hounslow ARC (Addictions Recovery Service)