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I came to the service because of my health. I realised I needed to stop smoking and quickly. I take medication for angina, COPD, high blood pressure and cancer of the bladder. I found walking long distances a struggle and needed to stop to catch my breath quite frequently. I finally stopped working part-time at the age of 81 and with the support of my family and the Stop Smoking Practitioner, I have now been smoke-free for 7 months. I thought stopping smoking would be a challenge but to do it during a pandemic was an even bigger challenge – but I did it.

Whilst on the course I received quality support. During appointments we would discuss openly about smoking habits, triggers, coping tactics and the hand to mouth pleasure which was a habit for over 60 years. We would also have the odd conversation about golf, cricket, and fishing. I still receive regular telephone support and during lockdown I feel his calls have had a positive effect, not just on my quit attempt, but my overall wellbeing.

The impact it has had on my life since quitting smoking has been nothing but positive. I can walk for longer periods of time and at a faster pace without getting out of breath. The circulation in the bottom of my legs has improved and I can now sleep better. I am hoping to return to the golf course very soon. I feel without the support of the stop smoking service I would not have been able to do it. I would highly recommend the free service to anyone wanting to stop smoking. I feel great! 

Thank you, Cliff.