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National Grief Awareness Week

2nd - 8th December 2023

What is grief?

Grief encapsulates a range of emotions that may emerge following the loss of someone close to you. There’s no universal right or wrong way to navigate this process. Individuals might express their grief through overwhelming or fearful emotions, while others may describe a sense of numbness.

The intensity of your thoughts and emotions can vary, sometimes hindering daily activities, and at other times remaining in the background as you go about your routine. Your reactions are influenced by factors like the relationship with the deceased, the expected nature of the death, the circumstances surrounding it, and any past experiences with loss.

It’s normal for feelings to fluctuate, experiencing both highs and lows on a daily or hourly basis. Additional resources and support for coping with bereavement are available on our hub.

If overwhelming emotions persist, seeking appropriate help and support is crucial. Consider reaching out to your GP or another health and social care professional for assistance.

Learn more about Grief Awareness week by visiting the GoodGriefTrust.