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Meet The Stop Smoking Team

Who we are

We are the Stop Smoking team for Healthy Hounslow. Find a bit more about us below.

Our Stop Smoking team are here to help you quit smoking for good. Our hard-working team are here to help you through every step of your stop-smoking journey. 

Smoking causes damage to the lungs and airways and harms the immune system, reducing your ability to fight infection. Smoking is also very harmful to the cardiovascular system (the heart and the blood vessels that carry blood around your body), which has many negative impacts on health including increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

Stopping smoking will bring immediate benefits to your respiratory and cardiovascular health, including if you have an existing smoking-related disease. Overall it will also help to reduce the use of NHS services.

Lavina Ramlingam

Smoking Cessation Specialist

Minel Shah

Smoking Cessation Specialist

Anthony Hardley

Smoking Cessation Advisor

Yasar Furqan

Smoking Cessation Advisor

Yasmin Ismail

Health Coaching/Health Advisor

Rizwan Chaudhry

Health Coaching/Health Advisor

Alpana Rathor

Health Coaching/Health Advisor

Sibyl Akpoduado

Health Advisor - Cook & Eat